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If You Feel Offended, Maybe You Should Be

James Michael Sama

There are many pros and cons to running a blog like this. Thankfully, there are mostly pros, but every now and then we are reminded that any time general criticism is focused in a specific direction, some people are going to be offended.

Many of my articles criticize men, because I am a man. I am part of the statement when a woman complains about “all men,” or “how men act.” The words that accompany this statement are affected by both good men, and bad men. Unfortunately, human nature is to complain more than it is to praise (if you don’t believe this, just visit any page on Yelp and read the reviews).


So, what we find typically is dissatisfaction with the modern man. We struggle to find our place in the world. We struggle to find meaning. We struggle to make friends. We struggle to find jobs and therefore…

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