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Why Men Should Start Courting Women Again

James Michael Sama

When I find myself using certain terminology speaking about dating and relationships, I find that there are three siblings. Chivalry, romance, and courtship. The problem is that these siblings haven’t shown up to a family reunion in a long, long time.

The difference between courtship and dating is akin to the difference between dating and ‘hanging out.’ One shows more intent and serious interest in a person than the other does. While it may be a challenge to encourage people to upgrade their efforts from just hanging out to actually going on dates, I think we simultaneously need to reinforce the value of going one step further and actually courting a woman.

But, why?


First of all, in the midst of today’s text-based communications, it is sometimes difficult to understand what the person you’re talking to is really trying to say. I recently gave a talk at the University Of Central…

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