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Taylor Swift Would Be Absolutely Crazy Not to Record This Song Billy Eichner Wrote for Her


Comedian Billy Eichner is a big Taylor Swift fan — so big, in fact, that he wrote a song in her style that he hopes she will one day record. It’s called “Glitter and Ribs” and he was kind enough to perform it on Conan Wednesday night. But first, he explained why he likes her so much.

“There are so many disturbing, upsetting things happening in our world right now, in our country, internationally, but Taylor Swift is writing about the most important topic, which is what happens when your boyfriend doesn’t text you back,” the Billy on the Street host explained. “And I think that’s so essential.”

You can watch his heartfelt performance above. Then you can watch the music video he recorded (dressed up as Tay-Tay) in 2013:

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