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RapidShare morirá el 31 de marzo de este año

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RapidShare, uno de los 3 mas grandes sitios de intercambio de archivos más populares en Internet, ha anunciado que cerrara. El servicio terminará el 31 de marzo del 2015, después de eso todas las cuentas ya no serán accesibles y se eliminarán de forma automática.

Fundada en mayo de 2002, RapidShare era un servicio de alojamiento de archivos de un solo clic que creció rápidamente como pirate bay utilizan a menudo para intercambiar diversos contenidos.

En 2009, el sitio afirmó tener 10 petabytes de archivos subidos por los usuarios a sus servidores, y en 2010, se dice que tiene cientos de millones de visitantes al mes, por lo que es entre los 50 sitios web más populares del mundo.


Si tu eres un usuario de RapidShare, tienes alrededor de siete semanas para mover tu contenido en otros lugares. “Recomendamos a todos los clientes para asegurar sus datos,” dice RapidShare

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It’s Time To Rethink Our Smart Things


There was a section so common in big name CES tech presentations that it was almost comical. After announcing some widget or the other, a cheerful CEO would stand on stage and talk about how smart everything would soon become thanks to the SmartAppliance Framework or some such nonsense. The television can talk to the fridge which in turn can tell the washer to turn on. You can connect your watch to your coffee machine and send music from your electric lawnmower to a speaker in your pool. It took years for these systems to come to fruition but with the advent of always-on low-energy processors and new wireless standards, your things can now be constantly in touch with each other. What does that mean? It means your TV can see you naked, your Xbox can hear your conversations, and your Dropcam can spy on your neighbors.

We live in…

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Watch SpaceX Try To Launch The DSCOVR Mission Rocket Live Here [Update: Launch Aborted]


spacexUpdate: Aaaaand the mission is scrubbed yet again.

Just this past weekend, SpaceX attempted to launch a massive rocket into space with the Deep Space Climate Observatory (or “DSCOVR”) satellite in tow.

Alas, the mission was scrubbed at the last second due to radar tracking issues. Then it got postponed again yesterday due to weather.

But fear not! They’re trying again. Right now, in fact. And you can watch it live here.

Update: As noted above, the launch has been cancelled again, once again due to bad weather.

The livestream should begin at 2:45pm PT, with lift-off scheduled for 3:05pm PT.

If successful, this mission will carry the NOAA Deep Space Climate Observatory weather satellite into the skies, where it’ll head for a point 930,000 miles from Earth. Once there, the satellite will help monitor and predict things like changes in ozone, cloud height, volcanic ash distribution, and more.


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